Hulk Muscle Costume

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Go green without the anger in our Hulk Muscle Costume! Including a printed jumpsuit with muscles chiseled into the arms and middle, this Hulk Muscle Costume makes you prepared to crush and bash.

Our Hulk Muscle Costume is one incredible look! With a padded muscular chest and printed purple shorts, this makes it look like the living engine of destruction

The Hulk has an inconceivable level of superhuman physical capacity. His ability for physical quality is conceivably boundless because of the way that the Hulk's quality increments relatively with his level of awesome enthusiastic anxiety, outrage specifically. The Hulk utilizes his superhumanly solid leg muscles to jump incredible separations. The Hulk has been known to cover many miles in a solitary bound and once jumped nearly into space around the Earth. The Hulk can likewise utilize his superhumanly leg muscles to keep running at super speeds, in spite of the fact that his legs have boundless quality he doesn't have boundless speed and once he achieves a specific speed his legs turn out to be excessively solid and pulverize the ground giving him no rubbing to keep running on, in this manner he bounced to travel. The Hulk can pummel his hands together making a stun wave; this stun wave can stun individuals, send objects flying and douse fires. His thunderclap has been contrasted with tropical storms and sonic blasts. The Hulk has demonstrated a high imperviousness to physical harm almost paying little respect to the cause, and has additionally indicated imperviousness to extraordinary temperatures, mind control, atomic blasts, toxic substances, and all infections. Notwithstanding the recovery of appendages, key organs, and harmed or demolished regions of tissue at a stunning rate. The Hulk likewise has superhuman endurance. The Hulk's body additionally has an organ that makes an "oxygenated per fluorocarbon emulsion", which makes weight in the Hulk's lungs and viably gives him a chance to inhale submerged and move immediately between fluctuating profundities without worries about decompression or nitrogen narcosis. 

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