Iron Patriot costume

Posted by Amit 02/05/2017 0 Comment(s)

Being Iron Patriot is truly amazing. You get the chance to fly around helping the administration in a protected suit that would make Uncle Sam himself shed a tear in teary satisfaction. The downside to any ensemble in view of this shield? You can't eat heavenly nachos or drink a flavorful refreshment without evacuating your protective cap! That is, as of recently. At last, Stark Tech has made sense of how to flip up the visor! Along these lines, you'll appreciate that, and also looking devoted and super chivalrous in this Deluxe Iron Patriot Costume. What's more, on the off chance that you need to wear it on the Fourth of July, that would be okay, as well. 

100% polyester jumpsuit 

Jumpsuit has printing front and back to look like protective layer 

Polyfoam shoulder braces 

Plastic head protector gathers with Velcro 

Visor flips up to eat and drink 

Polyfoam vest Velcros in the back and illuminates 

You'll be the most devoted superhero since Captain America!

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